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Oversize StacksAnchor Section

Handling oversize mats is always a challenge.  They can be a very lucrative rental item if you have the proper handling and storage techniques in place.  A well designed storage system helps reduce exposure to injury and prevents damage to the expensive mat at the same time.

Until now there has never been a readily available system for efficiently storing these mats.  The Mat Stacks platform is the ideal basis for creating a simple and economical Oversize Mat storage product.

The Oversize Stacks Anchor Section in the photo to the right has a total of 21 storage slots.  Each slot is roughly 10 inches square and has a depth of nearly 60 inches.  As with all Mat Stacks the trays are adjustable every 2 inches for optimum space utilization. The height is limited to 72 inches to reduce lifting stress.

oversize stacks

Expanding your system is just as simple as adding one more upright section and installing the trays and supports.

The photo to the left shows and Anchor Section with two additional upright sections for a total of 63 individual Oversize Storage Slots

As with all of the Mat Stacks platforms the uprights are the heart of the system.  The photo at the left shows a close up of the adjustment tabs as well as the tray support and the Oversize tray.

The tray for the Oversize Stacks is just under 30 inches wide and 60 inches long.  It is attached to the support with a small screw.

The galvanized tray allows for smooth entry and exit when loading and unloading.

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Oversize Stacks are also available without individual trays for bulk storage of multiple identical mats.  Download the Building Your Mat Stacks PDF for more information

Oversize Tray and Support

Assembling your Mat Stacks system is very simple and straight forward.  We have a short video that walks you through the assembly of the Anchor Section and adding expansion sections.

We have posted the video on YouTube and you can click on the link at the right to view the video.

The Oversize Anchor section is just over 31 inches wide and roughly 6 foot tall.  The trays are 60 inches deep and have 3 divisions that are about 10 inches wideThe standard system comes with 7 trays and supports providing 21 individual storage slots.

Oversize Stacks Carts

Oversize Stacks format is also available in a mobile cart form.  The cart is equipped with 6 trays that can be either 3 mat or 4 mat configuration.

The cart is roughly 6 foot high and roughly 5 foot deep.  The trays are spaced 10 inches apart to allow more room for larger mats.  The cart shown to the left is the standard cart with 4 mat trays.  The large mat is a 5X12 and the longer mats are 4X6 mats rolled from the 6 foot side.

Building Your Oversize Stacks