Solidly Simple

For more information on the features and the mechanical improvements we have designed into the DURAroller click the button at the right to download a brochure

Our new DURAroller has an extremely efficient and durable mat rolling system design.  We have included a number of features in the design to increase reliability and help reduce your down time.  Some of these improvements include:

  • Increased bearing and shaft size for easier starts and less torque.
  • Introduction of a timing belt drive with an improved gear ratio for soft starts.
  • Improved foot pedal design with a higher life cycle potentiometer.
  • Improved rolling arm design with a longer life synthetic cover.
  • VFD for a more controlled start and less damaging torque on the drive components.

We have attempted to keep the design rugged and simple while addressing some mechanical issues that we have observed with the older rolling machine designs.  Our goal is to keep your production rates high, the rolls tight and your downtime to a minimum.


A good reliable mat rolling machine is important for meeting everyday production requirements.  Having sold rolling machines for over 20 years we understand how important a simple and productive high production machine can be.

Recognizing a need to return to the basics of simplicity and reliability we have developed a mat rolling machine with the same basic platform as the 4 foot wide, staple of the industry, rolling machine still used by many today.

The DURAroller is available in standard 4ft and 6ft widths to meet all your mat rolling needs.

DURAroller mat roller

Rolling Mats With The DURAroller's  Optional Safety Light Curtain

The optional Safety Light Curtain system adds an extra layer of operator protection from unintentional entry into the rolling area.  The video at the right demonstrates the procedure for rolling mats with the Safety Light Curtain installed.

Join the growing number of plants rolling their mats with the DURAroller.  Please phone or email for information and pricing

If you have interest in more information or pricing for the DURAroller, go to the contact page and send us your contact info and we will get you whatever information you need. 

While you are here please take some time to view our other mat storage and handling products on the website.  We always welcome any questions about any of our product offerings.  Thanks for your interest!

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Rolling Mats With The DURAroller

Rolling mats with the new DURAroller is very simple and straightforward.  We have posted a short video explaining the rolling process and demonstrating the technique for producing a quality rolled mat.   Use the link to the right to view the training video.

4 ft DURAroller Mat Roller

6 ft Wide Machines Also Available

As the focus on creating a safe work environment continues to grow.  We have developed an easy to install Safety Light Curtain retrofit kit.  This kit provides the same extra layer of operator protection for the older PDPI, EZ Roller and High Roller designs.   The video link to the right will provide an explanation of the system and demonstrate its use.

We have uploaded a short video to YouTube.  The link is to the right.

The video demonstrates the rolling concept  as well as rolling 6 foot mats and the operation of our optional light curtain system.  Our top speed of over 350 fpm offers outstanding production along with a quality roll.

There are several mat rolling machines on the market and we feel that the DURAroller offers the best rolling and production performance.  With our modest price and solidly simple design we feel we offer the best value for your investment.  The button to the right will allow you to view a document that will provide more details as to why we feel our DURAroller is the best value for your machinery dollars.

Rolling Large Mats With The DURAroller

The use of a foot pedal to control the rolling operation offers a number of advantages.  Straighter and tighter rolls plus the ability to roll wider and longer mats.  These mats are heavier and normally require some preparation before and during the rolling operation.  The video shows the process to roll a 6 by 10 mat with a 90 mil back

Safety Light Curtain Retrofit Kit For EZ Rollers And High Rollers

Safety Features and Options

Operator safety is a primary concern for every operator in the market.  It was a very important consideration while we were in the initial design stages of the DURAroller.

Our background in the industry and with many of the rolling machines on the market gave us a unique prospective on rolling machine operation and how the operator interfaces with the machine.  Our design includes a number of features to help improve the safety of the person and machine interaction.

We  have uploaded a document that will provide an explanation of these features as well as present 2 options for an extra layer of  protection.  Click the button below to view the document.

You can reach us by phone at 765-825-1323 or email at