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All models of the older PDPI machines including the EZ Roller, High Roller II and

High Roller IIs shared many of the same mechanical design deficiencies.  P&Es background with these machines has provided us with a unique knowledge of these common problems.  We have given a great deal of attention to finding solutions to these maintenance and engineering issues to help reduce your downtime and replacement parts costs. 

We have identified a number of the most common problems and have developed the following solutions to help keep solve these problems and keep the machines running:

Drive And Control System Upgrade Kit:

The DC Drive motor and relay logic system of the PDPI rollers is outdated and is the cause for a lot of downtime with the rollers.  We have put together a kit that updates the complete control system and drive motor and controller.  It is an easy to install kit and will bring your controls into the 21st century.  There is a link to a short video showing the components below.

Improved Rolling Finger Protective Cover:

We have selected a material to replace the OEM Teflon cover for the rolling fingers.  The material we have selected is much more durable and signficantly less costly.  Reports on the material have been very positive even after 3+ years of service.

Improved Foot Pedal Electronics:

We have also sourced a foot pedal that utilizes an alternative type of potentiometer that provides the same adjustable speed range with a significantly longer operational life.

Replacement Rolling Finger Design:

We offer a replacement rolling finger design that is much stronger and break resistant then the original PDPI finger.  It is easily installed and easily adjusted to line up with your other fingersIt is modeled after the fingers used on our DURAroller and should proved a much linger service life.

Rolling Finger Shaft Actuator Arm Replacement:

The rolling finger shaft actuator arm typically wears at the point where the air cylinder attaches to the arm.  We have developed a simple system for removing the worn arm and replacing it with a new piece that will be easily replaced.

We are constantly trying to identify problem areas and attempting to develop solutions to help keep your rollers operational.  As we develop these and make them available we will keep them posted on this site.

We don't just sell parts.  We constantly seek solutions to common problems!

Parts Available


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Everything you need to keep your roller up and running!

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​We also offer a Mat Rolling Machine and a mat storage system for Logo and Oversize mats.  Please visit the other pages on our website for information on both of these products.

Manuals and Schematics

We also have EZ Roller and High Roller Manuals and Schematics available.  Just phone us at 765-825-1323 and we can provide you a link to the documents that you need.

For More Information On Parts Pricing And Upgrades Call 765-825-1323  or email gary@pandeproducts.com

The EZ Roller and High Roller II Mat Rolling machines are widely used in the industry and provide excellent production and a quality roll in an extremely compact foot printPDPI is no longer in business and unable to support the replacement parts and technical support for these popular machines.

P&E Products has an extensive background in selling and servicing these machines.  We have a full compliment of parts available including fabricated parts such as Drive Shafts and Rolling FingersWe supply quality belting with the proper size lacing that is installed to the lacing manufacturers specifications. 

We offer fair prices and fast shipping to help keep your rollers up and meeting your production requirements.