The Titling Cart is a new concept we have developed for transporting mats and presenting them to the operator for the rolling operation.  After Drying the mats are placed in a specially designed cart with sloping metal sides and a depth adequate for handling normal dryer loads.  The cart is rolled to the finishing area and placed over a floor mounted device that lifts and tilts the carts at the same time.  The speed and height of the cart are controlled by the operator to allow for more consistent positioning for removing and rolling.

The combination of lifting and tilting the cart provides the operator much better access to the mats than trying to reach across a table to pull the knotted mats from a cart that has been tilted 90 degrees.  The wider cart and the sloped sides spread the mats out when placed in the cart.  The mats are easier to untangle thereby reducing stretching and border deformation.  The operator is does not have to lean and pull at abnormal angles to the body which reduces your exposure to workplace injuries.

We are currently still in the development stage for the Drop / Tilt table.  If you would like information as it becomes available please go to the Contact Page and let us know you are interested.  We will get you information as it becomes available.

We have some other new and innovative products in the development pipeline.  We will be posting information as we get them developed.  If you have a special problem we are always will to take a look to see if we can find a solution.  Please let us know. 

Drop / Tilt Mat Delivery Table

We are always looking for ways to help improve your productivity and make the work place more safe for your operators.  We are developing some products to help reach those goals.  Improving the method of delivering clean mats for rolling was the inspiration for our Drop / Tilt table.  Mats are delivered by sling and dropped into the lowered table top.  This helps spread the load unlike unloading from a cart which is very strenuous.  As the load is reduced the table is raised to bring the mats forward to the operator.  Reducing bending and stretching required by traditional dump tables. 

"new"  mat handling products

If there is one constant in the industry it is that of finding better ways to utilize the floor space in the plants.  It is the among the most valuable resource in the production stream.

What everyone seems to have is vertical height.  Ceiling heights are generally very high to accommodate the various conveyors used in the production and delivery process. 

It makes a great deal of sense to try and utilize this available vertical space for storing carts of finished product.  I makes no difference if the products are mats or flat goods.  Putting more product in the same footprint can be achieved and would make a tremendous difference in your floor space utilization efficiency. 

The photo to the left shows a concept we have considered where  the mat storage carts are stacked to save floor space and then rolled from the stacking device to the storage area.  The carts are Mat Stacks carts but could be divided carts for regular inventory.

p&e products  the mat handling experts

The proper guarding and safety controls and system would have to be an essential part of the design.  It does make a great deal of sense and we feel it can be achieved at a reasonable cost considering the space efficiency you would be realizing.  Let us know if you have some interest in exploring the possibility for your operations