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All 3 Tray Styles In One Set Of Uprights

Every Logo Stacks installation starts with the first section.  The first section is the anchor for any additional sections and has a steel base that is anchored to the floor.  The photo to the right shows a base with the upright mounted.  Once the first section is in position additional sections can be added to either side by simply adding another upright section and the tray supports.  The tray supports set the proper distance and the upright base is anchored in position. 

The backbone of all the Mat Stacks platforms are the high load capacity galvanized steel uprights.  They are available in several different heights and can be paired for several different depths. You are not tied into a one size fits all scenario like the honeycomb style logo system.   The photo at the left shows a single section Mat Stack with 12 trays holding 4 mats each.  

The trays are adjustable in height in 2 inch increments.  The standard height is 96 inches and the standard tray depth is 46 inches.

The trays are also available in a three section configuration to accommodate longer mats.

All of the trays for the Mat Stack system are a standard 29 1/4 inches in width.  Overall base width of a single section is 31 1/2 inches.

Logo Mat Storage Made Simple

logo stacks

Assembling you Mat Stacks system is very simple and requires only some basic tools

We have posted a video that walks you through the process from assembling the Anchor Section to adding additional sections.  Click on the YouTube link to the right to view the video

Tray selection is the next step.  The standard tray has sections for 4 mats.  A large majority of logo mats are 4X6 mats.  The 4 mat tray handles has adequate room for them.  If you have some mats that are longer You probably want to put 1 or 2 of the 3 mat trays into the system plan.  Any of the trays can be used at any point in the uprights. 

Base And Upright Anchor Detail

Ample Cell Identification Area

Single Section 48 Mat Configuration

Mat Stacks Carts.

No matter if you  are starting with a new system or adding to an existing honeycomb style system.  Mat Stacks can provide a logical, economical and expandable solution to your mat storage needs.  Let us know what your needs are and we will come up with a plan.

The standard height for the Logo Stacks is 96 inches.  We set this height to be consistent with the honeycomb style system.  If you are not comfortable with reaching this high the uprights are available in 12 inch increments.  a 7 or even a 6 foot high system may meet your needs.  You do lose capacity with the shorter systems but workplace safety may offset that.

The tray support provides a very large surface for marking the storage cell location.  Unlike the honeycomb style system that can be very confusing with the offset storage cells.  Each section can be identified as a letter with the locations given a number.  This would be a much simpler identification system and lead to reduced search time.

The standard 48 mat configuration provides 12 rows with 4 mats on each row.  The open space for each mat with this configuration provides a 7 3/8 by 7 3/8 window.  This is ample space for a majority of normal size logo mats.  The 3 mat trays can be added into the system for the odd mats that are longer than 10 foot.  The Mat Stacks system allow you to structure your mat storage to meet your needs as you grow.

You can also reach us by phone at 765-825-1323 or email at gary@pandeproducts.com

The slide show to the right shows some actual Mat Stacks installations.  Both the Logo Stacks and the Oversize Stacks are shown

The Mat Stacks system is also available in a mobile cart form.  The photo to the left shows the standard Logo Stacks cart.  This cart has 8 of the Logo Stacks mat trays for a total of 32 individual storage locations.  The trays are  positioned 8 inches apart which is the same as the standard Logo Stacks spacing.  It is just over 72 inches tall and has 4 swivel casters.

It is also available with the 5 foot deep Oversize Stacks trays.  These trays can be either 4 mat or 3 mat depending on your specifications.

4 Mat Tray With 4 X 6 Mat

If you are a user of the PDPI honeycomb style logo storage system, Logo Stacks can be configured to meet the 42 inch depth of that system.  You should be able to integrate our more cost effective system with yours and have the benefits of the flexibility and expandability of the Logo Stacks system.


Building Your Logo Stacks System

The photo at the right shows a multi-section Logo Stacks installation.  The system began with the Anchor section in the center and 2 Expansion sections added to either side.

The system is extremely easy to expand and configure to meet your current and future Logo Mat storage  needs.