One important feature offered by the Mat Stacks system is the ability to integrate special storage for large groups of similar logos or colors into the general special mat area.

No need to sacrifice individual cells for these mats when you can put them all on a single shelf.  It simplifies labeling and placing and picking as well.

The 2 Group trays shown to the left are set at 10 inches and the other at 12 inches.  Each tray can be assigned just  one number for all of the mats at that location.


Group Stacks Trays With 4 And 3 Mat Trays

group stacks

The Group Stacks tray is just one component of the Mat Stacks system to help aid you in getting control of your logo and special mat handling.  Our goal is to provide you a more compact, sensible and affordable system than the honey comb style storage that we developed in the last century.

Please contact us with any questions or to request pricing.  We will be happy to help in any way that we can.