oversize stacks

We have developed a simple and durable mat rolling machine.  It is compact in size offers outstanding roll quality and productivity

A compact and flexible system for storing all your logo mats.  A perfect cost effective alternative to honeycomb style storage systems.

Every plant has a handful of extra wide and extra long mats to deal with.  We offer a simple economical system for storing these mats.

Mat Roller

logo stacks

mat stacks   A simple , affordable and expandable storage

system for all your special mats

Handling special mats in the plant can be a challenge.  They can be good revenue producers if they can be logically stored and easily found for delivery.  We developed the honeycomb style of Logo storage nearly 20 years ago.  The Mat Stacks system takes that concept to the next level by increasing the simplicity of labeling and integrating Group Mat storage and Oversize Mat storage in the same economical platform.  The system is available in different sizes and has a number of available configurations.  Click on the photos below for more detailed information.

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Group Stacks

We offer all replacement parts and  many significant part upgrades for your PDPI EZ Roller EZ Roller II And High Roller II and High Roller III.  We also have some parts and information for the newer Mat Master model roller.

You can reach us by phone at 765-825-1323 or by email at gary@pandeproducts.com

We offer some other innovative products to help improve mat handling.  We continue to add new products. 

Mat STacks Carts

We also offer Mat Stacks trays for storing large groups of similar or identical mats

mat handling

Mat Stacks platform is also available in mobile cart configurations.  Please contact us for details.

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